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Voting Rights Plundering & Anti-Protesting Laws in GOP Controlled States Bringing US Closer to GOP Goal of US Autocracy

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Thank you for complimentary comments. Someday,  we hope to have a regular newsletter, but before that happens, what we really need are others to assist on our various web pages providing ideas on content, etc. We haven’t even started asking for donations yet because we are still trying to find the ideal board member who wants to join the board with close associates (to give that person comfort level and confidence of controlling majority moving forward) to get this organization into full gear. The parent company, (COMMONGOODUNITED INC, abbreviated CGU) was approved by the IRS in 2019 as a 501c3 nonprofit and charitable organization (509a2) and is incorporated in Florida. The ideal board member we are seeking needs to be someone well known and having the wherewithal and gumption to get behind the CGU causes, such as stopping Leaky industrial CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Mfg establishments, see, and bringing owners/operators of such facilities to justice (this has been going on illegally for over half century, even though reported by Whistleblower to MI AG in 2000 and US authorities thereafter). The other divisions are all interconnected in the common cause of working together (alliances from near and afar: for the betterment of the common good of humanity and planet. The other divisions are all based on the fundamental principles of Western liberal democracy (i.e., free market place economy consisting of government OF, BY and FOR the PEOPLE, with reasonable controls on capitalism/commerce, and a fair system of taxation in order to properly fund public infrastructure and systems to fulfill basic human rights/needs and protect environment and public’s wellbeing and health & safety). The other CGU divisions for the latter, are (Protection of Environment & Wellbeing &Health And Safety Of Public), (soon to be and The UGLY division is devoted to constantly remind public of the GOOD, BAD & UGLY, so they can better appreciate the GOOD, and not be fooled by what is BAD & UGLY. was created in response to Donald J Trump entering national politics, which brought the already BAD & UGLY Republican Party (GOP) to levels of UGLINESS never imagined, which were prompted by the GOP’s fear and recognition that there has been a pronounced shift in US demographics that created a New Majority in the nation made up of what was previously the “minorities” consisting principally of “urbanites” made up of people of color, including Native Americans, Asians, African Americans, Latinos, and various immigrants. The post election GOP Autopsy Report delivered in 2013 after Mitt Romney’s defeat to Barrack Obama, warned the WASPy (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, anti-Semites) Republicans that they needed to diversify and broaden their appeal in order to remain a dominant political force, but they declined this advice, and instead have clearly gone down a path now from BAD to WORSE, as the Trumpian GOP is now shifting to ever more racist, and now fascist tendencies as touted at their annual white supremacist annual CPAC meeting. The Autopsy Report also pointed out to the GOP hierarchy that they needed to broaden their appeal and respect more towards women, which they also ignored, and instead have continued down their misogynistic path of having old male WASPs at the helm. In so many words as spouted out by the main stream GOPers at CPAC, the direction of the Republican Party is now transitioning far away from their touted “Conservatism” views/values that favor free enterprise/private ownership & socially traditional ideas, to instead FAR-RIGHT AUTHORITARIAN ultra nationalism DICTATORSHIP, FORCIBLE SUPPRESSION of opposition & STRONG REGIMENTATION of society & economy.

Now, all the GOP controlled states are passing Voting Rights Plunder legislation so when the next federal elections occur in 2022 & 2024 (primaries beginning soon) they will be able to suppress and cancel the votes from the targeted demographics who have become the majority in the nation. The GOPers say it is their objective to have “quality voters”, which means WASP voters, who are all in favor of the GOP’s plan for the US to become an autocracy with the Republican Party in control. What they are doing in their Voting Rights Plunder is totally against the U.S. Constitution and it is fully intended to destroy our democracy, which past generations have fought, died and killed for, such as in WW2 when Fascism and Nazism was flourishing, which is being rekindled once again as led by GOP racists, white supremacists, misogynists, xenophobes, nationalists/isolationists, anti-LGBTQers and anti-Semites.

First of all, it must be understood politicians are politicians, which is a self serving breed in themselves. Politics, however, is necessary part of our democracy and will always be there, but what we must bank on is that we elect public officials that have at least some level of human decency and morals & ethics, which the GOP does not. So if the GOP is now effectively eroding our Voting Rights in multiple GOP controlled states, we have a serious problem. Without “one man equals one vote” because there is deliberate and intended suppressing and oppressing of votes from the demographic group the GOP considers to be “inferior voters” who don’t deserve to have equal opportunity at casting their votes for our government representatives, there will be A NEW CIVIL WAR 2.0 as instigated by the GOP NRC (New Republican Confederates). And now the GOP controlled states are passing state legislation that cancels our First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech and the right to assembly and protest (e.g., such as protesting Voting Rights Plunder state legislation), such as what was just passed in Florida and signed by Governor Desantis that enacts new state laws which says law enforcement officials can arrest protesters and put them in jail immediately with no bail allowed, and may subject those who are arrested to 15 years in prison.

So now in Florida, when it comes to federal elections in 2022 and 2024 (and the primaries that precede), you can expect to wait in long lines to vote, and if someone offers you water or food while you are waiting many hours, those good Samaritans will be subject to arrest, and if prior to these GOP rigged elections you protest, you will be thrown in jail, and could be sentenced to 15 years in prison. The Florida law also makes it within the law for others to run over protesters with their cars and trucks if they are blocking the road right of way. And also keep in mind, Florida has a “stand your ground” law, which allows a citizen to shoot and kill you if you are changing your tire on the side of the road on a rainy day wearing your rain coat with a hood, because that person is allowed to shoot and kill you if they feel threatened because you are wearing a hoodie and have a tire iron in your hand.

So you can’t vote without major Voting Right Plundering being imposed on you (in those GOP controlled states), and you can’t protest the aforementioned because you will be thrown in jail without bail and may get 15 year prison sentence for doing so, if you aren’t first run over by vehicles operated by GOPers. SO WHAT DOES THAT LEAVE YOU?: CIVIL WAR 2.0! Do we want a Civil War 2.0? Hell no we don’t! But what’s our choice? People aren’t going to sit back and put up with this. People will fight/die/kill to maintain their right to vote and to preserve our democracy. So who can stop this from happening? The Republican Party sure as hell isn’t going to do anything to stop it, because they are the very ones promoting these major civil rights violations. So who needs to stop it are the public officials we elected to serve and protect US. Their priorities can’t just be their typical “politician self serving priority” of doing what is necessary to get reelected so they can continue to be on the gravy train conveyor belt of revolving GovtOfficials>Lobbyists>GovtProduct/ServiceProviders. They need to look past their own personal aspirations & wealth, and concentrate on SAVING AMERICA, & OUR DEMOCRACY, & OUR LIVES AND PREVENTING ANOTHER CIVIL WAR!

Do the Dems have the means and rights to do that? Hell yes they do! Our Constitution never intended for controlling political parties in individual states to have the right to manipulate federal elections to favor the dominant political party in their state, and states may have the right administer their local and state elections, but they do have the right to illegally administer the federal elections in their state in such a fashion that it thins out the voting population arbitrarily to what they define as the “quality voters” who they believe are the voters best qualified to vote for the most GOP suitable candidates to represent the state’s dominant political party.

The Dem Party currently is in control in DC and can and must centrally take over the administering of the federal elections across the nation so all citizens have fair and equal rights to cast a vote for the federal public office candidates of their choosing with no outside oppressing or suppressing of their vote.

DEMAND that Biden stop GOPers from MANIPULATING elections in 2022 & 2024 by exercising his Emergency Executive power by instituting federal government administered elections for all federal elected positions on basis that Constitution forbids GOP controlled states from plundering voting rights of select/targeted ( mostly POC, urbanites) demographics group.

What Dems presently have:

  • POTUS Emergency Executive Power
  • Military under Commander in Chief Joe Biden
  • DNI over multiple domestic and international intelligency agencies
  • Congress House control

If Voting Rights Plundering occurs in GOP controlled states in 2022/2024, regardless of SCOTUS GOP bias, RED LINE will have been crossed and no transfer of federal offices for such elections will be valid or allowed to occur.

This is not a threat, but if the Dems don’t plan accordingly well in advance to conduct federally administered federal elections for 2022 and 2024 elections, and allow the GOP controlled states to manipulate the administering of the federal election process in their states, CIVIL WAR 2.0 will more than likely break out. Even though the GOP will be the reason and cause for this new civil war for a whole host of reasons, if the Dems sit back and let it happen without doing anything, such as discussed above, both the Dems and GOPers will have blood on their hands (GOPers for causing it, Dems for not preventing it).

Our leaders Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer can’t be telling US the answer is that “We the People” have to bust our butts to overcome the massive illegal GOP Voting Rights Plundering going on with a massive voter turnout even greater than 2020. That’s a Bull Shit “It will all work out” Politician Answer and is NOT ACCEPTABLE! With all the GOP underhanded tactics (Voting Rights Plundering and making it illegal to publicly assemble and protest), it will take DRASTIC MEASURES like a Biden Emergency Executive Order to have federal work forces to administer federal elections exclusively, and have states (through their Secretary of State offices) conduct and administer local and state elections only.

PUBLIC OFFICIALS (elected/appointed) NEED TO PUT AN END TO 1/2 CENTURY LONG PROBLEM WITH LEAKY CRIMe PLANTS (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments)

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The problem with Leaky CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) has been prevalent for a half century or more, in virtually all the states across the USA even though we have enacted laws that forbid this leakage of toxic chemicals caused by manufacturers that do not have proper environmental safeguards in place. It’s an insidious accumulative problem that is polluting our land and water that has been ignored, concealed, denied and has consistently fallen on blind eyes/deaf ears of elected and appointed public officials who cater more to greed and power (for others and themselves) more than they do to their sworn duty to protect the environment and well being and health & safety of the public. This should absolutely not be a partisan issue. Public officials exist to protect the public from harm/damage, and they do not exist to allow manufacturers to get away with illegally polluting the environment and public domain. The argument that “the pollution already exists in urbanized and industrialized areas, so why worry about it?” is a warped and grossly negligent argument that is full of holes (leaks). The POLLUTION faucet/leaks at these CRIMe plants, which has been flowing steadily for half century or more, needs to be shut off. This is not a made up story. It’s a REAL problem that is causing a steady accumulative decline in the quality of the nation’s public drinking water supply sources. It is especially a problem in the Midwest and Great Lakes Region where the largest and most precious bodies of fresh water exist in the world. The segment of the population that is the most vulnerable to the toxic cancer causing chemicals are pregnant women, infants and toddlers.

NOTICE and DISCLOSURE of this problem has been made before, including in:

  • 2000 to Jennifer Granholm, Michigan AG, and MDEQ;
  • 2017 to Obama Admin & US EPA & US AG;
  • 2018 to Michigan Governor Whitmer and MI EGLE & MI AG; and now again in
  • 2021 to Biden Admin & US EPA & US AG and Michigan Governor Whitmer and MI EGLE & MI AG.

For the most recent 2021 NOTICE and DISCLOSURE referenced above, go to table of contents of this blog to see:

  1. Letter to President Biden;
  2. Letter to MI Governor Whitmer;
  3. Letter to local (W MI, Grand Rapids Metro), state (MI) and federal elected/appointed public officials;
  4. Letter to CRIMe plant affected property owners;
  5. Dear EPPers (enablers, protectors, etc.) letter; and
  6. FACTitious “One Red Ant” Leaky CRIMe plant story.

Now more than ever we need to advocate and adhere to “liberal democracy” principles

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For those who get confused about upper case “D” versus lower case “d” for American “Democratic Party” versus American “democratic system” of government, this is not about Democratic Party, or Right (e.g., conservative) leaning versus Left (liberal) leaning American political parties (i.e., Republicans versus Democrats, which both have moderate or independent leaning supporters in the middle), but it is about lower case “liberal democracy”, which is the system of government which we operate under that emphasizes the separation of powers, consisting of an independent judiciary and a system of checks and balances between branches of government (i.e., executive, legislative and judicial: e.g., President/Congress/Court). A liberal democracy, like the USA, ideally follows the principle of “rule of law”, which exists to control and regulate our society in a limited and important manner (e.g., businesses, other entities, individuals) for a variety of activities, including our free market based economy (capitalism), election or appointment of public government officials and a variety of other matters, such as protecting environment and wellbeing and health & safety (security) of the public. Presently, the USA democracy is teetering for a variety of reasons (lopsided US Supreme Court, numerous state voter suppression laws being passed, etc.), and since 2016 the USA has been reclassified and downgraded to the category of a “flawed democracy”. Without a doubt, the USA is at a critical point in its relatively short history.

Simple concepts presented here on and its related web are nothing new, but now more than ever, they are absolutely and fundamentally  essential for the survival and advancement of democracies worldwide. We are Principled American Citizens & Allies (near & Afar) Together Orchestrating ( for:

Common Good of humanity & planet (, CGU);

A government (not corporations) of the People, by the People and for the People (; to be changed soon to, PPP); and

Protection of Environment and Wellbeing and Health And Safety Of Public (

Update on CommonGoodUnited and its Divisions and Discussion of Choice of former MI Gov./MI AG Jennifer Granholm for Secretary of Energy

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CONGRATULATIONS TO President-Elect Biden & Vice President-Elect Harris

RE: Cabinet Appt Nominees (Secretary of Energy? Granholm? Why her??)

Check out updated “One Red Ant” Story:

Which includes new appendices, such as “FACTitious Corporation and Plant-by-Plant Summary:

And FACTitious Contacts (corporation, divisions, plants, vendors, etc.): (=CGU), and its divisions (,, etc.) have not said much on its websites during the past year, but now that the Biden-Harris Democrat team has won, some things need to be said. The origins of CGU came from its first website, (=REAP), which was founded, some years after a Whistleblower (WB) disclosure was made to the Michigan AG against a corporation who was knowingly and illegally polluting the environment from two or more of its CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) located in West Michigan. The Michigan AG at the time was Jennifer Granholm, who subsequently became a two-term Michigan Governor. Despite all the personal and professional risk and damage endured by the WB, AG Granholm ignored and did not act upon this disclosure. Environmental laws and regulations (RCRA 1976) requiring that these plants have certain safeguards have been in existence for nearly a half century, but have been ignored due to lack of enforcement and loose and false interpretation of these rules by the CRIMe plants and their attorneys, who have not been brought into check by the regulators who answer to the lax state and federal environmental directors, as appointed by politically-driven elected officials working on their next election campaign. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and the hazardous waste (HW) regulations contained therein, govern how hazardous wastewater (HWW) is to be Treated, Stored and Disposed of (TSD) at these CRIMe plants. These HW rules are in effect for the regional EPA certified TSD facilities (TSDFs) that exist to take liquid and solid HW from industrial HW generators throughout the US. The standards that TSDFs must meet are very stringent, requiring doubled lined tanks and pipe (= secondary containment = tank inside of a tank, pipe inside of a pipe), continuous leak detection monitoring between secondary and primary tanks and pipes, continuous liquid level monitoring and pressure monitoring in tanks and pipes with automatic alarm systems and shutoffs that are triggered when critical liquid levels or pressures have been reached to prevent overflows/releases,  sampling and testing of monitor wells (and stormwater retention ponds) surrounding the site to give early detection if contaminants have been released from TSDF and are about to be spread to adjacent properties; plus extensive US EPA reporting requirements. What needs to be clearly recognized is that most of the regional TSD Facilities that take HW and HWW from thousands of industrial plants, DO NOT process as much HWW as many of these industrial CRIMe plants, who in a lot of cases, are leaking like sieves and are going unnoticed (unless they contaminate nearby domestic wells) because they are located in areas that have centralized municipal water systems, so nobody is monitoring them, and nobody knows the difference even though they are polluting, both near and afar, the surrounding soils, streams, lakes  and public water supply sources. Prime examples of CRIMe plants are metal finishers/electroplating facilities, leather tanneries, pulp/paper processing plants and stainless steel manufacturing. Toxic chemicals from these plants include hexavalent chromium and PFAS chemicals, which are very toxic at extremely low concentrations, especially to the most vulnerable population, like infants, toddlers and pregnant women. Hexavalent chromium is becoming more and more prevalent in water supply source intakes on the Great Lakes near urbanized and industrialized areas, which is becoming a major concern. The insidious water pollution that has been occurring to our water supply sources for a half a century or more due to unchecked pollution from these CRIMe plants can be compared to the insidious air pollution that is occurring to our atmosphere from fossil fuels which has brought about climate change. The contaminants from the CRIMe plants are slowly and gradually traveling through the soils, groundwater, ditches, streams and lakes and accumulating in our freshwater public water supply sources, and if left unheeded, it will continually degrade the quality of our drinking water.

Those CRIMe plants that have been loosely interpreting the RCRA HW regulations so they can freely pollute the environment have been falsely and illegally doing so by misinterpreting the domestic sewage exclusion as given in CFR 261.4(a)(1)(ii). This exclusion states that any mixture of domestic sewage and other wastes that passes through a sewer system to a publicly-owned treatment works (POTW) is excluded from RCRA HW rules. There is a fairly recent footnote now for this exclusion that states: “This exclusion applies only to the actual point source discharge [i.e., discharge to the POTW sewage collection system]. It does not exclude industrial wastewaters while they are being collected, stored or treated before discharge, nor does it exclude sludges that are generated by industrial wastewater treatment.” The main reasons for this exclusion, was so that POTWs could accept this industrial wastewater from industrial plants after it was treated and combined with the industry’s sanitary wastewater to meet their pretreatment standards in compliance with the CWA (Clean Water Act) through the POTW’s NPDES Permit (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System); and so the POTW did not have to meet special RCRA HW requirements. The CRIMe plants have been illegally using this RCRA domestic sewage exclusion, by falsely stating that they were mixing the sanitary and HWW together at the plant through the treatment process, which is never done, because putting urine and feces in your industrial wastewater treatment process is totally absurd, a big LIE, and doesn’t happen.

 As a result of this loose interpretation of the RCRA HW rules over the last half century, essentially any given CRIMe plant “LACKS” what is considered adequate environmental safeguards as previously mentioned (secondary containment, containment system leak detection monitoring, continuous and automatic HWW tank liquid level and pipe pressure monitoring with automatic shutoff to prevent spill overflows/pipe leaks, onsite monitoring of groundwater and stormwater for early detection of site contamination before it migrates on adjacent properties, special regulatory reporting, etc.).

So my point here is that it is about time we solved this problem with the leaky CRIMe plants, and make them comply with the strict RCRA HW rules? California has, but most, if not all, of the other states have not. This needs to be a federal enforcement initiative to get all the states to comply, and begin cracking down on leaky CRIMe plants. And if former MI AG/MI Governor Granholm was willing and able to ignore this disclosure made twenty years ago, do we really want her to be the Secretary of Energy? (Principled American Citizens and Allies Together Orchestrating) began to form alliances that could collectively take initiatives to orchestrate sampling and testing around these CRIMe plants (because the government has not yet, and likely will never do it on their own) to obtain the needed data to go to government officials and demand that they do something to stop this illegal pollution; and if they didn’t act, then go to the courts and demand that these publicly elected and appointed officials be held accountable to live up to their oath of protecting the wellbeing and health & safety of the public. The latter is the premise for (Protect Environment, Wellbeing, and Health And Safety Of Public). If the courts don’t hold the public officials accountable, of course, We the People should vote them out. The other divisions of CGU besides those already mentioned are (People’s Party platform) and As you can see, relying on politicians alone (i.e., our elected public officials), even though they are from the most viable (winnable) party that most closely represents your ideals in our US democracy, does not mean they will do what is right all the time, because oftentimes their main driver is the desire and MO (Modus Operandi) to get re-elected, and We the People, may oftentimes come up short in that contest.  And that is why we should always point out what is UGLY, so we have a gauge and a reference point, to call out those politicians when it comes election time on the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY. was formed originally in 2019, incorporating the presidential primary leading up to the 2016 election and the Trump Presidency in 2017-18. Since that time, there has been a real bonanza for more Trumpian UGLY material yet to be incorporated. The Trump era was a prime time fordefiningUGLY. If a politician consistently does the opposite of Trump, that politician won’t be all that bad.

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    CRIMe plants cause decades- and century-long REAL insidious and steady contamination of natural water resources, such as freshwater, private and public groundwater (wells) and surface water (lakes) drinking water supply sources, including Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes system as a whole.  Thus another reason for calling them CRIME plants, is simply because what they have been, and are still doing at many locations under many laws REALLY constitutes multiple violations of local, state and federal laws as covered by local ordinances and state and federal statutes, of which there are many that deal with these type of crimes. What these leaky CRIME PLANTS are, and have been doing, is causing REAL negative impacts, not only to the environment, but also to the general welfare (property devaluations, etc.) and the health & safety of the public locally (e.g., Grand Rapids Metro*) and in the State (e.g., MI) and Region (e.g., Midwest/Great Lakes) – the latter highlighted here as the “POSTER” community, state and region where the CRIMe plant issue is prevalent. The criminals/perpetrators associated with the violations occurring at these leaky CRIMe plants are the OWNERS/OPERATORS of these plants, including those in their employ or contracted with this plants related to this misdeeds (esp. the licensed professionals who have sworn to the PUBLIC OATH – engineers, attorneys, etc.), and the elected and appointed public officials who have sworn to this same PUBLIC OATH of “protecting the general welfare and health & safety of the PUBLIC” as they are turning a blind eye and deaf ear to it all.

    Citizens just have to accept these cold hard facts, and stop waiting around for the local, state and federal public officials and their agencies or the big powerful plaintiff attorneys to come to your rescue, because this JUST AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!! The plaintiff attorneys aren’t coming soon to take your case on a contingency basis (only paid if they win) because the potential damages that might be awarded in court just don’t add up to enough to satisfy their wallets because you live in a neighborhood that is served by pubic water so you haven’t been drinking enough of the CRIMe plant’s nasty chemicals over the years, or been poisoned enough by some other means like excessive air toxics through the air (air permit violations) or from contaminated groundwater oozing into your basement or into the soils, ditches, creeks, etc. where your children play. And then proving that you or your loved ones have been afflicted with the onset of cancer some ten years later is always hard to predict and prove. And since you live in a low to medium income neighborhood, any devaluation in your property values will only amount to a day’s worth of pocket change for the rich/fancy plaintiff attorney who doesn’t work cheap.

    SO YOUR ONLY HOPE IS THIS: YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS get together, and get involved with “REAP” ( and (Principled American Citizens and Allies Together to Orchestrate) and get out there and sample and test around these CRIMe plants and bring that incriminating evidence,  (while at the same time publicizing the issue) that I am sure you will find (fingerprint chemicals associated with plant), to the public elected and appointed officials/agencies, and tell them you want to see that the violating CRIMe plant be held accountable and that the plant ceases polluting the environment and the public and that they initiate corrective action immediately, including environmental remediation and upgrading their plant with appropriate environmental safeguards, and to cease operations until they do so. And if duly elected and appointed public officials and their agencies respond as they have so many times in the past with a deaf ear and a blind eye and they don’t pursue enforcement (e.g., Year 2000, MI AG and Governor and his DEQ: see attachments in then you have no other choice, other than going the next step higher to the state and federal court system and file legal action against these public officials for CLEAR, UNDENIABLE AND ILLEGAL “BREACH OF PUBLIC DUTY”. You simply have to recognize that you and “we as a whole”, have so much stacked against us; i.e., we have a political system that funds, caters and works to elect these public officials that is flush with high paying, and highly networked lobbyists, who are typically former public elected or appointed officials, who work 24/7 for the wealthy CRIMe plant owners and their manufacturing/trade associations, and OEMs, etc. – original equipment manufacturers – GM, Ford, etc.).  So until we can truly get good public representation (i.e., “a government of, by and for the people” – perhaps with a few less hundred thousand connected self-serving attorneys and multi-millionaires/billionaires interwoven into these positions), all we can do is “take these matters into our own hands” in a law abiding manner according to our legal rights as `just described.

    *Home of Secretary DeVos, the Amagram, Amdroids (multi-level pyramid marketing), self-righteous CRC and POTUS “Its” Midwest Headquarters (POTUS “It” has been there repeatedly, and was there on election night 2016, when “It” won/stole the election, and is due there again any day following “Its” sidekick AG’s Barr’s announcement after a quick review of Mueller report that “It” was exonerated on Russian collusion  but not on obstruction of justice, although “It” said “It” was exonerated on both (LIE), which certainly Special Prosecutor Mueller fully intended that Congress would look into further).              

    *Also home of many CRIMe plants that have been there polluting the area and the public for going on a century, including chromium electroplaters, leather tanneries, paper/pulp mills (Muskegon) and a heavy concentration of other metal and surface finishers, including a whole assortment of electroplating plants plating various heavy metals, such as copper, nickel, zinc, etc. Great place to walk through a field of white lilies on your way with the flock to your favorite Christian church; but not so great if you’re among the dandelions and don’t follow the ways of the flock and congregate among the non CRC, non Christians, agnostics or atheists. 


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    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



    Pg 1: UGLY (Usurp, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning for attention 24/7)



    Pg 2: Protect Environment & general Welfare & Health And Safety Of Public

    Pg 4: People’s Party and PIE (Public Informational/Educational) Platform





    You can decide for yourself, but as portrayed herein and elsewhere on affiliated web sites, The Good, the Bad and Ugly are PACATO, CRIMe plants and UGLY (Usurp, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning for attn 24/7), respectively. PACATO is representing several affiliated web sites under, including (discussed herein), youREAPwhatVFGBVTMJVFRCDX (REAP, Reality Environmental Action Proponents), People’s Party Platform ( also discussed herein) and

    PACATO ( are the good principled people who believe character (minimum Character 101) is important, and they seek out allies to collaborate with for the betterment of Humanity and the Planet.

    The CRIMe plants ( are the “leaky” Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments who freely and illegally pollute the planet and it citizens for the maximization of profits at the expense and detriment to the health & safety and welfare of the public.

    UGLY (Usurp, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning for attention 24/7)

    What the UGLY acronym stands for as previously given was unanimously agreed upon based on POTUS “It”.  More on this:

    1. The “U” is self explanatory, and pertains to how “It” got to be POTUS in the first place (Usurping via Russian collusion, etc.), and our only hope of getting rid of “It” is for a candidate to beat “It” in 2020, or for the U.S. Congress to perform its duty to the U.S. citizens by impeaching and convicting “it” for his many misdeeds. For “It”, “U” also stands for Ubiquitous, Uninspiring and just plain “UGLY right down to the bone” for this empty shell of a human being.
    2. Besides “Greed”, the “G” also stands for Glorified, which “It” fully expects now and is accustomed to before he stole the presidency as a “Reality TV” celebrity, while living a life then (and now) devoid of reality and human feelings. In “Its” Glibness, “It” continually insults:
      • whole races, nations/nationals and religions (e.g., broad international U.S. Muslim ban; calling sovereign nations “sh_thole countries” related to U.S. policy on immigration );
      • those with disabilities and other abnormalities;
      • those with a physical appearance that does not meet’s limited unqualified qualifications criteria;
      • those with an intelligence that does meet’s limited unqualified qualifications criteria;
      • foreign nationals fleeing severe homeland persecution and deprivation by separating families as a part of policy strategy to discourage those desperate individuals and their families from seeking asylum;
      • denigrating and downgrading war heroes, when alive and after death (Sen. McCain); etc.
    3. The “L” is self explanatory as evidenced by the many basic human qualities “It” Lacks as displayed constantly in a Loud and Ludicrous manner as displayed by the “U”, “G”, “L” and “Y”.
    4. The “Y” is for constantly Yearning for 24/7 attention and Glorification, which “It” expected during “Its” Reality TV years, which hasn’t changed much since “It” became POTUS.
    5. “Y” for the color Yellow, associated with cowards and a typical bully, and also the color of the logo which is translucent, with little substance.                                                                              

    MOURNING FOR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS: We mourn and grieve for the tens of millions people migrating all over the globe, some dying by drowning or starvation, and getting separated from or losing their family members, as they strive just to survive and perhaps have a better life. We mourn the Chinese people engulfed in manmade pollution, making their air unbreathable and the water resources they depend on for drinking water laden with cancerous chemicals, which is a foretelling of what is to come here in the U.S. if leaky CRIMe plants are not held accountable and allowed to continue operating without needed environmental safeguards; which in effect, is continuously and insidiously degrading the quality of our natural water resources, and in particular the quality of our public water supply sources, like Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes, that together with Grand Rapids-MI-Metro/W MI, State of Michigan, U.S. Midwest/ Great Lakes Region, represent the REAP designated “Poster Community”, “Poster State”, “Poster U.S. Region” and “Poster World Nation” for an all out effort by concerned citizens to uncover, prosecute, demand corrective action/remediation of a century-long world/U.S. problem with leaky CRIMe plants.

    MOURNING FOR ENVIRONMENT, ANIMALS AND FELLOW MAMMALS: We mourn the flora and fauna being stripped from the earth or dying or becoming extinct in the path of feeding the large appetite of the greedy and just for basic human subsistence for world population, especially all the fellow FL mammals and aquatic life passing in the blue/green and red tides of the after year – the breach was prevented by the government officials/breachers at Lake Okeechobee, and the deluge and drowning did not occur, but a zillion deaths of God’s creatures did. W MI fears the day the century old dams in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, will be torn down to unleash river toxins to the Big Lake/Lake Michigan. Protect Environment & general Welfare & Health And Safety Of Public, or the People’s Party and its associated Public Information/Educational (PIE) Platform was originally conceived as the PEWHASOP (“pew has op”), but was changed to GoPP (“Go People’s Party” for simplification and ease of memory purposes, and also because the People’s Party name was more appropriate. Nonetheless, it is still worth going over the aspects of the original name because of the very pertinent points that were made. Incidentally, the applicable website is called

    People often associate “pew” with the Pew Research Center which is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world – it oftentimes can be a good resource for politicians and political parties to get a sense of the public’s current concerns about government and its leaders, and the everyday issues concerning citizens over a period of time. Without taking policy positions, Pew Research Center conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, content analysis and other data-driven social science research. Besides the latter, others commonly associate the word “pew” with church. With all that is going today, many get comfort in going to their  place of worship wherever and whatever it happens to be, where they sit in that pew if provided, or kneel, stand or sit on the ground; whatever is customary or suitable for the individual. Being at a place of worship gives citizens an opportunity to join their body, mind, and spirit along with their fellow human compatriots and seek out that which is “good for the betterment of humanity and the planet”

    The “has” in PEWHASOP, reminds us what “has” been the fundamental basis for the centralized governmental structure of the United States since it first declared its fundamental foundation, the U.S. Constitution. It makes us long for what has been our roots in the USA, and a majority of us want to see it made whole again. Therefore, we shall all resolve as “has” been done in the past, that those who have perished in the past defending his/her country, shall not have died in vain, and we stand together and vow that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom once again going back to its core values as framed under the constitution, of having a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE, which forever shall be our motto and our commitment forthwith so that we shall not perish from our blessed earth.”

    So going back to PEWHASOP, we shall “operate” (abbreviated as “Op” or “Ops”) by this basic and simple core constitutional principle, and in conjunction with this guiding principle, we, the men and women of this nation shall join WITH OUR ALLIES FROM NEAR AND AFAR (primary mission of PACATO) to “operate” foremost in a fashion fiscally and advantageous to our citizens in a manner that PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE GENERAL WELFARE AND HEALTH & SAFETY OF THE PUBLIC. This is a high moral and ethical standard obligated by many professionals, such as engineers, attorneys, doctors and others (including PUBLIC OFFICIALS) who swear to an oath to comply with this basic principle, and those who lead and operate the government shall do no less, as they are obligated by law to do so.

    Our citizens should be able to conduct their daily routines wherever they happen to be knowing that the environment around them is being protected, preserved and restored as needed, and that their surroundings in the public sphere and work place are such that their general welfare and health & safety has the needed safeguards to allow them to live in peace and harmony with their environment and their fellow men and women, and that their health & safety and general subsistence is there (including shelter) to allow them to survive and enjoy a reasonable amount of happiness and pleasure in their lives while minimizing any avoidable pain and suffering. These are all simple and basic principles based on the MUTUAL “RESPECT” AND LOVE OF OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS AND THE ONE AND ONLY PLANET THAT WE PRESENTLY OCCUPY.  We are a People’s Party, and we are not a party devoted to the aggrandizement and maximization of the wealth of a small percentage (1 %) of our population at the detriment of the overall general welfare and health & safety of the public. We do not oppose the entrepreneurial spirit, which is a necessary fabric of our economy, but we simply advocate AGAINST THE CORPORATE STRATEGY OF MINIMIZING AND INADEQUATELY FUNDING BOTTOM-LINE CAPITAL AND OPERATING COSTS associated with PROTECTING the environment and WORKER HEALTH & SAFETY and the general welfare and health & safety of the public at the detriment to the workers and public to maximize profits and personal/individual/corporate wealth of the few. WE ARE DEVOTED TO THE PEOPLE and not the corporate mentality to minimize operating and capital costs while letting the environment and the internal pride,  respect, comfort and survival of the human race to be cast out to fend on their own against the forces of the capitalistic society and modernization and technical advancement of society moving rapidly towards an abundance of artificial intelligence and a consequential world of impoverished and depressed human beings suffering physically and mentally as the number of multi-millionaires and billionaires continues to grow. People’s Party and PIE (Public Informational/Educational) Platform

    So going back to GoPP and the People’s Party and PIE (Public Informational/Educational) Platform, recognize that clearly things are definitely “out of whack” to the extreme as never before seen in modern society. Priorities have to change in favor of the “common good of humanity and the planet”, with all its flora and fauna or we are all doomed – or at least our children and children’s children will be destined for pain and suffering and possible extinction.  And do not count on Mars or the outer space exploration to save us all (at best, it will be saving a small group of billionaires), and for God’s sake have some empathy for the most desperate and vulnerable members of society who do not know from day to day whether they will have food or water and shelter to survive.

    Animals and plant life on land and in the sea are in severe stress in many places and in many ways (from global warming, pollution from chemicals, plastics, etc.), and species extinction rates are on the uptick. Animal habitats are dwindling and are becoming more and more inhabitable by many of our highly stress fellow mammals and on down the chain to coral reefs, etc.  Seeking sole isolation and preservation in disregard to the “whole” is not the answer, and totally disregards the common good of humanity and the planet, and is a solution that a soulless, shallow and hollow “It”/”excuse for a human being” would selfishly devise for the sole purpose of sole survival and living an extravagant and gluttonous life style. So, please join your friends, family, neighbors and others and start taking an active stance and role participating in the process in a civil and law abiding manner by taking measures that will have a “real” and lasting impact on reversing this terrible human life and planet destruction path we are presently on as we keep sliding towards the edge of the abyss.

    Check out  and look at the goals and objectives of REAP (Reality Environmental Action Proponents) and do as it suggests. REAP will help you through the process if needed of coming up with a plan of action and hiring the environmental consultants and testing & sampling firms you will need to complete necessary sampling and testing of soils and groundwater surrounding a CRIMe (Chemically Real Intensive Mfg establishment) plant if you suspect they may be polluting the area. You need to do this if you think your neighborhood and community and environment is going unnoticed because you are in a neighborhood served by centralized public water, and consequently almost always receives little or no attention by public environmental and public health officials because your area has low priority because private individual domestic wells are not being polluted because the area does not depend on this type of water supply. So please, get with other neighbors in community (in a PACATO fashion) and organize and implement a contamination investigation involving sampling and testing of suspected contaminated soils, groundwater and surface water (open ditches and creeks, etc.) for your own sake and also for the “community as a whole” because the steady pollution from these CRIMe plants is degrading the quality of our natural water resources, including our public water supply sources, like Lake Michigan, and the whole Great Lakes system.

    Also check out, and do as suggested, and form alliances with other individuals, neighborhood associations, nonprofit/nongovernmental advocacy organizations (NGOs), etc., to take more control of the destiny of yourself and your loved ones, rather than simply waiting for local, state and federal government officials to guard over you and come running to the rescue. You simply have to recognize that publicly elected officials have a lot on their plate, including their re-election (generally #1 priority and is often “all” consuming), and priorities may not always be directed at the general welfare and health & safety of your particular neighborhood and community. You, as a local citizen in your area, know your needs better than any outsider or public official who is assigned to numerous communities; and if you shove data in front of them that clearly demonstrates that those CRIMe plants near you have caused chemical contamination and are leaking like sieves, that cannot just walk away from it and ignore it, because that would be a clear UNLAWFUL BREACH OF PUBLIC DUTY if they did (= CRIME).

    Also look at (People’s Party and Public Informational/educational Platform as related public concerns in general and the 2020 and other elections), which is a new public educational/informational organization whose primary purpose is to work for the betterment and common good of humanity and the planet. That’s the underlying principle of PP. Everything else related to PP stems from that. Let’s face it, if you have a lousy or declining environment, than life is not all that good for humans or the critters, and plant life; and which for the latter, we humans and many of the critters depend on for a food source. So therefore, a high priority should be given to make sure the environment does not go to hell, and then concentrate on what we humans need to live a reasonably safe, healthy and content life; which just is not possible if your environment is continually degrading.

    So besides advocating and fulfilling the goal of protecting/preserving and restoring (as needed) the environment, recognize that there is another underlying principle of PP, which is the protection and preservation (and restoration as needed) of the general welfare and health & safety of the public. Unfortunately, profiteers are not going to do this for us on their own without a little prodding or encouragement. Who is being referred to here are, for example, BIG PHARMA, BIG AG, BIG PETROCHEMICAL, BIG OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers, like automotive, etc.) and hundreds of thousands of other different manufacturing sectors and businesses, which are all fine and good and are needed to advance society in some respects, including the modernization of technologies and new products, etc., that primarily occurs due to the demand of fulfilling human creature comforts, including cures of major diseases and building safer and more efficient products, etc. But we do not need, nor do we desire an aristocrat to achieve the latter, but rather we desire to have a centralized control center to manage and assist all these pieces to this worldly puzzle so the parts fit together with as few disfigured/sharp edges as possible (i.e., as applicable to humans just as much or more than for the inanimate parts – wouldn’t you think??).


    So to the crux of the matter, PP advocates for achieving harmony and protection over society by taking measures to assure that the general welfare and health & safety of the public is watched out for by achieving, for example, the following in an overall effort to fulfill this end objective (this is part of a draft initial PIE platform- Public Informational/Educational – which is evolving and will be modified and expanded as comments and suggestions from PP members/supporters come in on Through the PIE Platform, PP will elaborate and define in detail what exactly these following items consist of in terms of areas and demographics affected, and what problems exist and what are the potential solutions to address these problems/situations and challenges :

    1.  Subsistence and shelter is a basic human right – i.e., all people have a basic right to daily food, water and shelter.

    2.  All people have a basic right to health (physical and mental), medical, dental and vision care as needed, and perhaps this may be best achieved by a single payer system subsidized on an individual and as needed basis for all.

    3.  We should all have the basic right to have daily safe drinking water and sanitary wastewater and solid waste disposal services wherever we are, whether at home, work, or elsewhere. The latter need should be obvious to everyone, because if you don’t do garbage, etc. virtually everywhere (esp. densely populated areas) you will have piles of waste, etc. all over the place, which makes for very unhealthy and unpleasant living conditions.

    4.  We should all have the basic right to general public safety and security, which means having government provided public safety/police services and fire and emergency protection services should be available to everyone, which means that there has to be adequate staffing and facilities/equipment to achieve this in an equal and effective manner, including having adequate community public security lighting, neighborhood police patrols, etc.

    5.  Social Security (SS) and Medicare (MC) for older citizens and the disabled should be funded forever in this nation (don’t kid yourself in thinking that there are not too many conservative politicians out there that would take all that away from you without public notice at a drop of a hat).


    Our public infrastructure needs to be adequately upgraded and expanded in states and communities across the nation using the recommendations and guidance put forth annually by a comprehensive nationwide evaluation/report published by the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers).  PP will outline and discuss the pros and cons not only of SS and MC, but also privatization of various public infrastructure, and fully explain to the public what the potential impacts may be of the private sector taking over these systems in their ownership or operation because of the predictability of what profiteers will do under these circumstances, which is often scalp off bottom-line expenses related to public health & safety to increase profits at the detriment to the public, while at the same time jacking up the consumer/citizen fees for a less adequate and less safe service. In the past few decades, government funding has been more for the very visible infrastructure improvements, such as capital funding for highway projects (new and expanded highways, etc.), which is all good and needed in most cases; but the selection of these more visible capital public projects is often politically motivated, and at the same time, these same politicians advocating for transportation funding, have neglected the invisible public capital improvement projects that are needed, such as potable drinking water systems, wastewater systems and stormwater drainage systems buried below the ground that have become severely deteriorated, and have even collapsed in some communities requiring that major roads be shut down for emergency repairs. Examples of some of these infrastructure improvements needed are as follows (If all these projects are done and funded, many citizens will have opportunities to work):

    1.  Public transportation systems, including airports, roadway and highway systems (including replacement of many unsafe bridges), pedestrian sidewalks/trails, bike lanes/trails, high speed and light rail systems for intra- and inter-community public transportation systems (big metro areas), and bus depots, bus lanes, etc. for other communities.

    2.  Wastewater collection, transmission, treatment/reclamation/water reuse systems for all communities based on population density and suitability and availability of land space to achieve individual on-site treatment and disposal (septic tank systems); however, PP discourages the latter in favor of having land use planning requirements that better lends itself to having centralized public utility services in new developments (i.e., water, wastewater and stormwater) because septic tank systems have proven to be unreliable due to property owner maintenance neglect, etc., and consequently, these systems typically contribute to pollution of natural water resources no matter where they are. PP advocates that the government provide funding to replace failing septic tank systems located in neighborhoods across the nation that are multiple decades old, and typically have site conditions unsuitable for onsite disposal, and are causing unchecked major pollution to natural water resources.

    3.  Public drinking water supply, treatment, storage and distribution systems in communities needed to supply safe drinking water to its citizens for all communities across the nation based on population density and the need for such systems due to the inadequacy or contamination of individual private domestic well systems; such systems to be used to fulfill multiple water demands in communities, such as that of residential, commercial and industrial development, and fire protection, lawn irrigation systems, process and cooling water, etc. PP will advocate for communities to have “integrated water systems” to the extent technologically feasible, and that there be government funding for such systems, whereby communities reuse treated stormwater and wastewater for non-potable/nondrinking water purposes, such as landscape irrigation, industrial/commercial process and cooling water, flushing of toilets, etc.; and whereby there shall be funding for  water capture and conservation measures to be employed by communities, such as collecting rainwater to be used for multiple purposes, such as landscape irrigation, and the design and construction of green technology/infrastructure systems, to be installed and utilized to store and treat rainfall runoff, such as rain gardens, pervious pavement, etc.

    4.  Stormwater conveyance, storage and treatment systems, including the aforementioned items, as well as building major infrastructure systems for the purpose of separating combined stormwater and sanitary wastewater systems where they exist, which cause tremendous pollution to natural water resources due to combined system overflows which occur regularly during periods of heavy precipitation. And the repair/replacement/refurbishment of all the public water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure systems where so badly needed across the nation, especially in older, large metropolitan areas.

    5.  Judicial correctional systems – updating, expansions, modifications and replacements where needed of facilities, with heavy emphasis on rehabilitation and decreasing recidivism.

    NOTE: As said earlier, due to the obvious conflict of interests, and the likelihood that there would be mismanagement due to operation and maintenance cost shaving and increases in citizen service fees to maximize profits, the prior mentioned public infrastructure systems should not be privatized, but should remain publicly owned, managed and operated; and where they have been privatized, it should be reversed. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency needs to be restored to a truly environmental (not a corporate) protective agency and the U.S. needs to recommit to the Paris Global Climate Change Initiative.

    6.  National energy grid system  – Expand, modify and improve in all aspects, with special emphasis on the decreased use of fossil fuels, and the increased use of renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc.).

    7.  Public lands and parks, including government owned national forests, coastal and riverine areas, and parks and monuments, should remain public, and the ownership and rights (mineral rights, etc.) should not be transferred or given to profiteers to exploit these lands for the purpose of individual or corporate financial gain at the expense and detriment to the public; and where this has been done in the past, it should be reversed back to public rights, ownership, management and operation. Additional public lands shall be purchased in the general  public interest and for the preservation of the nation’s natural features, and for the protection and preservation of animal and plant species habitats, including forests, historical monuments, and animal wildlife refuge areas. Government funding shall be given to interconnecting these public habitats across the nation, so animal wildlife may freely and naturally migrate. The government should severely limit and restrict the giving away of mineral rights to private corporate operators on publicly owned and protected lands, such as the petrochemical industry building such infrastructure on these lands, and allowing such corporations to install facilities across, under and over Native American Reservations in disregard to their well being and native historical customs (burial grounds, etc.) and general nationwide significance.

    The U.S. Diplomatic agency needs to be restored and brought back to its full staffing capacity to allow diplomatic relations and communications to occur with nations across the globe; especially with our closest democratic allies in NATO, etc.  We understand we cannot serve all nations and people across the globe as we serve our own nation and citizens, but nevertheless, we should always attempt to be good global neighbors/partners. Which highlights again, that we have to fulfill the basic human needs and rights of our nation’s citizens as previously set forth. If American corporations are outsourcing all labor and supply contracts abroad, and all they are doing here is transferring money back and forth and counting their profits, they have to understand that the human able bodied population sitting here in the USA have to be taken care of, and they cannot sit back as well-to-do (wealthy = 1%) citizens and/or corporations and allow other citizens to be deprived of their basic human needs and rights (food, water, shelter, etc.) because these citizens are unable to find work, and thus, a means to support themselves and their loved ones. If our nation can help facilitate philanthropy in other nations in need, we should do so; and in some cases, we should also give direct foreign financial aid if it is in our nation’s overall best interest. And on the other extreme, we should not assist aristocratic, authoritarian/oligarchy type nations, and when they commit acts against humanity or against the sovereignty of our nation or others, we should retaliate as a minimum by imposing significant economic sanctions against them and strictly implement and enforce them until there is long-term demonstration of reform.

    This is not the final PP PIE (Public Informational/Educational) Platform, but it is a beginning. There is much more to add, and certainly it will need revisions as more members of the PP participate in this process. The platform needs to spell out in detail how we are strong advocates of equal rights for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, etc.; and we should act on taking real steps to resolve the migration issue, especially for the Dreamers; yet on the other hand, we also need to recognize the need to protect our borders and allow foreign migration and the granting of asylum on a limited and controlled basis. And we are strong advocates of women’s reproductive rights; and strong advocates for gun control and safety and the limiting and control of assault type weapons.  So please join in and help the People’s Party and the People’s Party PIE Platform. And please pass the word about so public awareness and knowledge spreads on these many vitally important issues, and so there is maximum public participation in the process, so the public can go forward and be highly informed when speaking to publicly elected and appointed officials whether directly or in a public forum, and most importantly when casting votes on candidates and public proposals, amendments, etc.



    “The Day the Earth Stood Still”; 1951, 20th Century Fox, Harry Bates.  “Commentary and script lines: About humanoid alien visitors, Klaatu and his side kick robot, Gort, who came to earth to give the President a message during the peak years of nuclear arsenal proliferation that would affect all of humanity. The gift they gave POTUS was a message that simply said “to study life on the other planets”.  The earthlings were not that receptive to these aliens, who eventually packed up and got ready to depart back to their home planet, at which time they told POTUS just before departing as they were closing the spaceship’s hatches: “Join us and LIVE IN PEACE, or pursue your present course and FACE OBLITERATION”.

    “You got to believe Bolie!!”; “The Big Tall Wish” episode, 1960, CBS, Twilight Zone, Rod Serling. Commentary and script lines: About young boy (son of boxer’s lady friend) encouraging his older boxer friend near the end of his boxing career to believe he can win that one big last fight that came in the twilight of his career. “If you don’t believe that ONE BIG WISH it likely will not come true!”.  “I guess the trouble is …. There’s not enough people around to believe….”; “You got to believe Bolie….”.

    And then…. “The Day the Earth Stood Crazy“; 2016, FTF (Facebook-Twitter-FOX); GOP/RNC.  “Commentary and script lines: About Real Estate magnate, “It”, who had become a Reality TV “It”, and thereafter got nominated by the GOP/RNC as the party’s presidential nominee, which was then followed by foreign (Russian) manipulation of the USA election process through sophisticated high tech means, which was very conducive and effective means to convey to large swaths of the voting public through the Facebook platform via a lot of propaganda. “It” was the preferred candidate, and the RNC/GOP pronounced that “Its” competitor was a criminal and should be locked up; which was quickly received and reinforced by the “Fair and Balanced” FOX TV Network, which was quickly assigned as the number one advocate and surrogate for “It” up to and during the primary and general election, and thereafter to the present day, as “It” now serves gleefully as the Reality TV POTUS while dealing with gigantic national and international matters far exceeding “Its” limited capacity/capabilities. The aliens have now arrived again and gave POTUS “It” a message stating “You are not going to get elevated to King or dictator, and instead, you will be impeached and disgraced the world over, and the GOP/RNC will become extinct as minorities and women rise in power and influence in U.S. and the world as they work with allies from near and afar to create a more peaceful and sustainable world for the betterment of humanity and our Dear Earth”